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A note from the Artist...

Thank you for visiting my site. All the jewelry you will find here is handmade, and I cut many of the stones. The metal I use is solid sterling silver. You will not find silver plate, silver filled wire, nickel silver, pewter or base metals masquerading as sterling. My mixed metal pieces are always clearly identified; there, silver is married to brass and copper for a striking look.

I enjoy cutting stones out of the large quantity of rough that I have amassed over the years. Usually the stone tells me how it wants to look. I do not force it into a commercially determined shape. The result is always unusual. The trade calls these types of stones "baroque". These unique stones require skill, patience and time to set. The stone always dictates the design, for the piece is born of the stone. I sell the finished pieces or the individual stones. Watch for a future gallery of stones from which to pick.